Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kayaking + Discovery Park/Puget Sound

Here are some pictures of the adventures of Team Awesome, or the group of volunteers who I work with (including the infamous kayaking trip).


Diana Latham said...

Thanks for the updates, Tobi. Love keeping up with your adventures. I love the name Team Awesome. I had a friend call me "Awesome" in seminary. Everywhere I went, I would hear her yell, "Hey Awesome!!!" It was a neat thing....she blessed me. My children still call me that from time to time.

tobi_mac said...

Ummm, now I have to confess that Team Awesome is only our code name, and it is code for Team "What the heck are we doing?" I gave us that name when the three of us were doing our first overnight shift together, and we thought it was funny that the three of us and a supervisor were responsible for things. Perhaps we will grow into it in a more serious sense, but for today it's just a joke that we use, especially when we're feeling clueless or making dumb mistakes. Sorry to mislead. ;)